About Us

At JacibKennels we are committed to breeding top quality bulldogs with a focus on health. For over ten years owner Christine Trotter has been an Ontario Bulldog Breeder producing Canadian Champions and, most importantly, healthy and fun loving members of families across the country. It is a labour of love that includes a focus on strengthening the breed and ensuring that all of our bulldogs are happy, healthy, and well socialized. Christine's fine attention to 'puppy personality' enables families to know that their puppy will be the right fit for their home. From couch potatoes to active athletes our bulldogs are a fine example of why the breed continues to be one that is known for their fun personality and lovable attitude.


We are members in good standing with the Canadian Kennel Club and the Bulldog Club of America.


All of our puppies are health tested and come from a lineage of in-depth health testing conducted through The OFA Canine Health Information Centre (www.ofa.org)

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or comments; (jacibkennels.com)