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GCH Cherokee Legend 
JACIB's Oakley

Am & Can CH Cherokee Legend Diego


Sire: Rio At JACIB Of The Tivoli Bulls

Dam: GCH Cherokee Legend Annie Oakley

Breeders: Christine Trotter, Cody Sickle, Connie Chambers

Sire: Am CH Cherokee Legend Delenclos Colt

Dam: Cherokee Legend Fanfare

Breeders: Cody Sickle, Connie Chambers

CH JACIB's Rock Steady

CH JACIB's Son of Anarchy


Sire: Cherokee Origin Just Johnny

Dam: JACIB's Queen of Hearts

Breeders: Christine Trotter

GCH Cherokee Legend JACIB's Where's Waldo


Sire: CH JACIB's Phineas

Dam: CH Cherokee Legend Loretta

Breeders: Christine Trotter, Brianna Adams, Cody Sickle & Connie Chambers

Sire: Rio At JACIB Of The Tivoli Bulls

Dam: Cherokee Legend JACIB's Miracle

Breeders: Christine Trotter

CH Cherokee Legend JACIB's Leftovers for Dinner


Sire: JACIB's George

Dam: JACIB's A Star is Born

Breeders: Christine Trotter & Brianna Adams

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